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Ascension Class OF 1959
First Reunion in 44 Years

Dear 1959 Fellow Classmate,

Hey, it's over and we all had a great time, we sure missed you!!!!!!!! Hope you can make the next one.


Prizes awarded for:

  • Providing most active support - Roundtrip Airline ticket domestic
    • Joyce Ustain Terandy and Dorothy Szczelina Scheihing
  • Providing 2nd most support - United Upgrade Certificates
    • Tony Kernagis
  • and a whole lot of other prizes for everyone who attended - compliments of Evelyn Thompson Rendel and Katie Deany Bumpus

    Not to late to fill out: A Memory Book Questionnaire

    The forms and should be returned to:
    Ascension Class of 1959
    P.O. Box 3166
    Munster, IN 46321

    or click on the url address below and email forms to:

    Also, weve included a list of our missing classmates. Wed like to be able to invite EVERYONE from the class! If you have any addresses or ideas on how to find them, please contact the names shown on enclosed list.

    If you have any questions about our plans, you may contact Your Committee,

    Thank you,

    Ascension Class of 1959 Reunion Committee

    Katie Deany Bumpus


    Darlene Jenkins Ruhl

    Tony Kernagis


    Dorothy Szczelina Scheihing

    Richard Livermore


    Bob Szlauis

    Cheryl Hastings Raab


    Joyce Ustian Terandy

    Barbara Garczynski & Nick Radice


    Sandra Lasdo Wolff

    Rose Lang McCord   Evelyn Thompson Rendel

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    Ascension Class of 1959