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Here are our classmates and their responses today.  If you can help us locate the missing please send us an email ( so we can send them an invitation to our reunion.


If you would like to contact anyone, please let us now and we will send them notice that you are looking for them.



Paul Decker
Robert Podgorski
John Ortyl


Roberta Caldwell
Shirley Carrano
Patricia Curran
George Dahl
Richard Griffin
Raymond Heintz Jr.
Sheryl Hill
Frank Kish
Michael Wilkinson


James Loy
Burton Patrick

Sharon Hill Roeser
Carol Sander Mastei
Dennis Jones

No Response to Emails:

Dave Kolton
Betty Mikos Staniszewski
William Pawlak
Mary Stemple Grant
Marilyn Walenga Wajda
Joseph Zaksas














Responses To Date:

US Mail March 2003:

Ron Arlen
Richard “Bruce” Bierman
Joseph Cisson
Gayle Conant Lewis
Maureen Clark Kargwright
Joanne Clemons McCelland
Robert Gavin
Linda Hawkins MMillion
Philip Jarosz
Robert Jones

Julia McCullar
William Monroe
Anita Myszkiewicz
Margaret Payne
John Powers
Florence RogersTurner
Marty Ruske

Rose Salamone Howe
Michael Shelby
Leroy  "Lee" Skertich
Barbara Sparger Hecht
Cathy Stemple Grant
Susan Westerhoff
Annette Kwiatkowski Marsicane
James Plesz
Kenneth Kozbiel

Bill Scharf
Bob Labuda
Judy Fielding Pinney
Cheryl Hastings Raab

Marsha Payne Andrews
Marcus Richardson
Charles Ripplinger
Mary Wolken
Carl Nolting

Jerry Ruff
Gail Kleckner Berg











Katie Deany Bumpus
Tony Kernagis
Sandra Lasdo Wolff
Richard Livermore
Bob Szlauis
Rose Lang McCord
Pat Lavin Turvey
Laureen Benenati Sedlak
Evelyn Thompson Rendel

Roger King
Susan Buczek
Rich McCorry
Joan Wielgorecki Osberg

Barbara Garczynski Radice
Nick Radice
Dorothy Szczelina Scheihing
Joyce Ustian Terandy
Gene Liss
Robert Neander

John Payne
John McCarthy
Ed Ross
Harold Dausman
Donna Mulder Dausman
Raymond Kowalski
Carol Esker Haid
Ronald Pacyga
Darlene Jenkins Ruhl
Patrick Costello

Mary Lynn Johnston Costello
William Blakely

Betty Fanelli London












Maybe - Might come to reunion
Missing - Haven't located these classmates
US Mail March 2003 - Can not locate email address will sent US Mail
No Response to Emails - sent numberous emails and no response sent US Mail
Yes - The Good Ones - by email, phone or in-person have said they will be there!
Paid - The Great Ones - have already paid $$

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Ascension Class of 1959